How to Pack a Bugout Bag

Useful Books on Survivalism

It should be noted that most books on survivalism are written for entertainment purposes. Those that are not written for entertainment tend to focus on short term survival.  There are also very few experts when it comes to survivalism.  Yes, there are those few people that have spent time living in the wilderness, and there […]

The Survival Mindset

Historically, there has been a lot of information written about survival mindset, and how it makes an enormous difference in determining those who persevere and those who don’t.   If one reads popular works on the subject, it becomes apparent that there are some ideas that are constantly repeated, such as the necessity of keeping positive, […]

Types of Bug out Bags (BOBs)

There are several types of Bug-out-Bags (BOBs) that are regularly discussed among the preparation crowd.  Although folks like to break down BOBs into numerous categories, I tend to think that two types are enough to fill most needs, and the larger of the two bags tends to be more like full on moving than just […]

Important Papers to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag

It’s like that chore you know you have to do, but you just don’t want to do it. But having said that, I realize it is very important, and I just need to make the time to finish it! Collect copies of all of most critical documents and place them in a waterproof envelope like […]

Growing Your Own Survival Food

With mass quantities of food produced and shipped all over the world, it is not likely that many people in developed areas are forced to grow their own food. In fact, for the average citizen it is only a hobby. Growing your own food, though, has direct benefits. Increased security and health are primary, as […]

The Danger of Financial Chaos

Today please allow me to rant a bit. One of the potential emergency scenarios that I think we need to be prepared against is short-term (or longer) financial chaos. The world financial system is under extreme stress and efforts to control the chaos are proving ineffective.